Great white shark Brothers please sincerely answer I wish you every day to win



Great white shark Brothers please sincerely answer I wish you every day to win

280, bought last night, with a tail of about 15CM.Is it expensive?
========Comments of Xianglong aquarium joining Yuyou =====
Fuxing Gaozhao 518 Comments: I feel the price is right. If I can buy it, I feel the same as the fish oil upstairs. The background and lights are not too comfortable.But you can do it if you like
Crooked fish Comment: The effect of the lamp is too bad.A good lamp is to make red fish not red water
user8734 Comment: Not expensive, suggest changing lights
jksir135 Comment: The price is reasonable. Change the background paper.
kongping Comment: I like the lighting and the color of the stickers.what.Not expensive
lanyiii comment: not expensive.
Awesome character Comment: Its not expensive, if the light is removed, the color is not good, you can attack the color
Deep Sea YI Comment: The price is not expensive, the lighting is too exaggerated!Cant see the true face of fish!
Xiang Yu asked the water Comments: Not expensive, is the background paper posted on the back?
99954816 Comment: The mouth of this fish is not too expensive but it is worth it
Arowana jade oil 4 liters!
How about Arowana soft rice)
How about Arowana rice^
Arowana Premium Oil Sticky Rice.
Jinlong fish rice 5kg price%
Which kind of rice is delicious?$
Arowana soft fragrant rice is several levels of rice~



New Facefish farm torontolift

Introducing a bigger Albino Knife and XB

my filter set-up: is it enough?

Hikari food sticks 250grams 22$ (x4)




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