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Wang Yonggang, deputy secretary-general of China Smart City Forum, also put forward a new idea for the development of green smart city "integration of industry and city, green smart city", that is, "not limited to informatization, urban-rural integration, social capital dominance, operational service profitability,Win more cooperation in the world."

  The construction of smart Jiangsu is inseparable from the development of the digital economy.According to the Jiangsu Provincial Government Counselor, Dean of Nanjing University Business School, and Yangtze River Scholar Shen Kunrong, the next step in the development of Jiangsus digital economy needs to pay attention to three major points-

  Second, accelerate industrial digitization, promote the in-depth integration of 5G and big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other technologies with physical enterprises. Funeng, transportation, education, agriculture, tourism and other industries form an emerging digital industry format.And application mode.

  On the morning of October 16, the 2019 Smart Jiangsu Development Forum, hosted by the China Smart City Forum, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and hosted by the Organizing Committee of the World Smart Manufacturing Conference, was held at the Nanjing International Expo Conference Center.The theme of the event was "Digital Economy Promotes the Development of Smart Jiangsu". Leaders attending the meeting and the industrys "big coffee" discussed in depth the new situation, new opportunities and new requirements faced by the smart Jiangsu and digital economy construction since the 19th National Congress of the Party.Promote the construction of a digital economy, a green smart city, and a smart province, and build a high level of wisdom.

  "At present, there are still misunderstandings in the construction of smart cities, which are mainly reflected in ‘emphasis on main control, light on ecology; emphasis on technology and light application; emphasis on construction and light operation.Xu Yong, Chief Architect of Tencent Smart City, gave an eloquent example of South Koreas plan to build Songdo New City, the worlds first "smart city". It was originally planned to be completed in 15 years, but it has still not reached the standard for 17 years.1/3.

  First, give full play to the first-mover advantage of Jiangsus major manufacturing province, "Internet" and talents, take data integration and sharing as an entry point, strengthen the construction of digital platforms such as the industrial Internet, promote open data sharing, and build a cloud-based Jiangsu and data-intensive province; Vigorously improve the digital infrastructure, bring the promotion of 5G first commercial and Ipv6 large-scale deployment, to create an information network "highway"

  "Among them, sustainable operation is the biggest challenge facing the construction of smart cities."Tang Jianrong, director of the Nanjing Big Data Administration, also believes that in the past, the government-based model of smart city construction was difficult to continue.This requires exploring the formation of a government-led, public participation, market-led, and mutually beneficial construction and operation model.

  "We must build a smart city on a green, low-carbon, harmonious and inclusive basis."In the keynote speech, Li Yizhong, the former minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and chairman of the China Industrial Economic Association, pointed out that green, low-carbon and intelligent manufacturing are the foundation of smart cities; to build smart cities, industry must adjust its structure and eradicate pollution; it is necessary to transform industriesStructure and production methods, change lifestyles and consumption patterns.

  On the same day, the provincial government office, the provincial development and reform commission, and other provincial-level commissions, offices, departments, bureaus, and directly affiliated units, as well as the leaders of the municipal, county, and district informatization departments, Jiangsu provincial civil construction, and China Smart City Forum, Jiangsu branch member unit, Nanjing UniversityMore than 300 people including experts from universities in Ningxia, leaders of key informatization-related enterprises and financial institutions attended the meeting.

  Third, the essence of the digital economy is the knowledge economy, and talents are the first element. We must unswervingly solve the various talent constraints that restrict the development of the digital economy, and build a talent highland for the development of the digital economy in Jiangsu.

  In January of this year, Nanjing Big Data Administration was established; Nanjing Big Data Management Company is under construction.In order to promote the sustainable operation of smart cities in Nanjing, in the future, the city will upgrade the “My Nanjing” APP to change the service method from one-way information promotion to multiple interactions, and the service target will be expanded from individuals to enterprises, and the service scope will be from the city.Expand to the Yangtze River Delta, etc.; create a new type of public transport city based on the "on-demand travel, autonomous driving" scenario; on the basis of projects such as "ecological eyes", "safe eyes", and "snow project", gather urban IoT data and actively try newThe data collection method creates a real-time dynamic multi-source “eye of the city” perception platform.
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