It is not fat



It is not fat

It is not fat Snow dragonViolence increased body almost a month, plus tripod to sink huge scale by increasing body fed to the filter body fat limit or not, but the length of the stretch a lot.Shijiazhuang, Hebei Jinzhou City
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Director feed fish lovers say: This is what size tank it
Sen lumber aquarists say: Its nice fish tank body election, looked very comfortable.
o o Xiaodai happy life already quite fat right, bodybuilding type, strong, streamlined and beautiful body
Dawn weixin0003 aquarists said: already, and beautiful
Clothes were weixin fish lovers say: pretty, good body, slowly
dorcat aquarists said: This fish is not fat ah....(〃O`) I realized that my fish is super thin body ah....
Dry Hill qq fish lovers say: beautiful, like this one.
Dirty dirty fish lovers say: Good
Nu Xing Yue Fei good cylinder!Maybe they have not time to horizontal development
Yue tea carp fish lovers say: first pull length, and then pull the body width, step by step, not go against the laws of growth, it requires so much fat, not afraid of a belly Sec?
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