Nanhai Institute of Clownfish Fully Artificial Cultivation and Transformation of Technological Achie



Nanhai Institute of Clownfish Fully Artificial Cultivation and Transformation of Technological Achievements won the Academys Big Fishery Innovation Award

This achievement is aimed at the contradiction between the lack of high-quality species of tropical marine ornamental fish and the growing demand for high-quality seed in China. A systematic study of clownfish artificial cultivation and cultivation technology was carried out, and six kinds of clownfish artificial such as Amphiprionclarkii were obtained.The success of breeding has established a technical system for domestication, cultivation and artificial breeding, breeding and rearing of clownfish, which lays a solid foundation for the industrialization of clownfish artificial breeding and helps drive the rise of Chinas marine ornamental fish farming industry while reducingThe artificial fishing behavior of wild ornamental fish in natural waters is beneficial to the protection of the biodiversity of coral reefs and has important economic, social and ecological significance.From 2013 to 2018, a total of 260,000 clown fry species were promoted, with a cumulative increase of 259.40,000 yuan.

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  The main highlights of this achievement are as follows: First, the breeding methods of fully artificial clownfish broodstock and their breeding habits, breeding environment and nutritional maturation control measures are clarified.The spawning volume of the cultivated male clownfish and double-banded clownfish reached 500-800 and 1000-1200 respectively, which were 18% and 200% higher than that reported in the literature; the spawning hatching rate was more than 90%, and the effect was significant, which was helpful to solveThe current problem of low spawning and low hatchability of clownfish broodstock improves the current situation of low production of clownfish breeding.At the same time, the success rate of broodstock selected from artificially reproduced juvenile clownfish for artificial breeding is 50%-80%, and the broodstock breeding rate is 50-65 within two years.5%, which solves the problem of lack of parents and single body color in clownfish farming, and achieves the level of "a pair of wild broodstock with mature eggs, which can produce parents that meet the needs of large-scale production in about 2 years."The development of marine ornamental fish farming is of great significance.The second is the breakthrough rate of the seedling rate. The double-clown clown seedling rate is 65-71%, the red clown 73-82%, the saddleback clown 68-72%, and the coffee clown 82-86%, which is much higher than the domestic and foreign counterparts.The third is to build an economical and efficient indoor and outdoor circulation aquaculture model of clownfish, and to evaluate a variety of breeding models, such as long-flow aquaculture, circulating aquaculture and artificial seawater culture, etc., with good results.The fourth is to break through the technical bottleneck of large-scale breeding and full artificial breeding of broodstock in China for the first time, reaching a monthly level of 10,000 cubs of 1-3 cm young clownfish.Fifth, it obtained 8 national authorized patents, published 13 articles, and the results of the appraisal reached the domestic leading level.Sixth, the achievements have good prospects for promotion and development.The project covers a small area, small water consumption, high efficiency, and good market prospects. A relatively large-scale wholesale market of marine ornamental fish has been formed across the country, with guaranteed sales.One mu of land can produce 100,000 tails per year, creating an annual output value of 500,000-3 million yuan.At present, it has been promoted in some companies and self-employed people in southern my country to carry out small and medium-scale demonstration farming, which has proved to have high economic and social benefits.

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  Recently, the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences issued a notice for the 2018-2019 Dayu Innovation Awards. A total of 5 achievements have been awarded, including 2 Basic Research Awards for the Dayu Innovation Award and 3 Achievement Transformation Awards for the Dayu Innovation Award.The South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute is well-known on the list, and the achievements of the “Transformation of Clownfish Artificial Artificial Cultivation and Achievement Technology” completed by the Tropical Aquatic Research and Development Center won the Big Fish Innovation Award Achievement Transformation Award.
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