If its a fight will it break?



If its a fight will it break?

Excuse me, will I lose my color if I drop a piece like this?If its a fight will it break? Snow dragon========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Xiaolong went home Yuyou said:
?Funny drama Yuyou said: I also fell two days ago, wider than you, I dont know if it will grow well
Strawberry statement
Called Along Yuyou said: Yes!
Just how much to feed the little Red Arowana&
Arowana used.
Where to buy second-hand arowana(
Existing Red Dragon Fish Low Price 600 Transfer!
What pictures of red dragon with good fish*
Lacey second-hand arowana transfer:


My vip ytl xb

Love bite from bao bei

Resealing old tank

Indonesian Tiger(4)

Brazilian Asiatic Fish




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