Purple-backed Arowana Mangosteen can only watch fish at home



Purple-backed Arowana Mangosteen can only watch fish at home

Dragon. Comment: A cute insect

  Di Lingyuan Comments: Good-looking

  ======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====

  Innocence Comment: Is there one kind of cute lamp?Is Meng Chong a brand?

  Suburban child Comment: This is so beautiful, what filter do you use?

  Lan Yefengying ^_^ Algae is really good, what kind of lamp is used?Please enlighten me

  今夕何夕 Comment: It seems that next time the bottom will have to change to a green background

  IceSword001 Comment: Is typhoon a big influence on you?

  Quiet, comment: not bad

  Hengfeng Kitchenware Comments: How many watts does the lamp have?What is the color temperature?The green algae is so handsome!

  PHnYFyEy Mens Help Comment: Beautiful, can you talk about the lights?, How many cylinders are used, how many W

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    Homemade parrot fish floating feed.

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    Can Silver Dragon feed fish feed#