Brief introduction Boss look at the causes of Xiaobus death There is a month of growth in the pictur



Brief introduction Boss look at the causes of Xiaobus death There is a month of growth in the picture

Boss~ Help me see what happened to my cloth. I opened a new tank for a month. I have been on business for a few days and died a week. A total of 5 have died. The starting state is not bad. The size of the fish is about the same for a month.The big and big tops are 2 small. I dont know the reason. When I came back from business, I obviously saw that I didnt eat any food. The new tank contains 15 fish. Burundi, 5 blood red, 5 gold squirrels, 5 redBelly blue, 2 three rats, 2 beards, 2 beards are hung so far (the reason is too small and may be killed), 1 red belly blue automatic drainage system is pumped into the solenoid valve, 5 Burundi still unknown cause of death, The boss will give you a look at the feeding records. In the past 10 days, I have been feeding 2 kinds of allicin and staple food, please see the picture
Take a look at the water quality, blue dragon stone, bottom sand 7CM Philippines, bottom filter has ten pounds of coral bones, 50 pounds of biochemical ring, 50 pounds of biochemical ball, 15 layers of biochemical cotton, 5 layers of wool dry and wet separation, bottom filter double head oxygenation, 3One and a half of the water is automatically drained and added in a day and a half, and the external trapped water tank is heated by explosive oxygen.
Look at the picture
Now the state of the fish is different, the picture below is in a bad state, not eating
This is an anatomical picture of the death just tonight, a lot of green water comes out of the belly
z This is now in good condition, edible, and the largest ones
z This was taken on the first day of entering the tank
m trouble boss please give me advice on how to solve the problem of Xiao Bus death, thank you very much, it is really distressed to sleep!!!!
2016.5.25 The indicators just measured,
At present, Xiao Bu has killed 8 in total, and one of them has been quarantined today to check the status. It is really unbearable.
See if the indicators do not meet the requirements?
How to adjust if any index does not meet the needs?Thank you

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