Novice for advice



Novice for advice

Cree 1.2*40, how to arrange the three grids of the bottom filter tanks of the great gods?What filter media should I put?ConsultedNovice for advice Snow dragon========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Dog eggs 1 Yuyou said: dry and wet separation is covered with biochemical cotton, the second grid of bacterial houses or, the third grid of hollow balls or bacteria balls plus some activated carbon,
HugheXu Yuyou said: 561 upstairs has already been put in place
丿伍陆壹灬 鱼友说:第一格肯定是干湿分离盒,





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第三格也放滤材,第四格放水泵,The filter media is under the cushion or rattan cotton to ensure that the water flow is smooth without dead angle
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