Little stingray has been home for almost 4 months and has grown 10cm



Little stingray has been home for almost 4 months and has grown 10cm

Too much to eat, and it grows quickly!
When I first got home
right now
========Comments of Xianglong aquarium joining Yuyou =====
q89707892 Comment: Pretty good black gold
13575965222 Comment: Ha ha
qdyangqun Comment: Can eat can grow
Ailong Apprentice Comment: Keep an eye on the update
ksen comment: The food is good, grows fast,,,
zdy55 Comment: I appreciate it!!
sxsss comment: This black gold is more expensive to buy
XINIANlong Comment: Its messy, just watch it.Haha
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There is a pustule on the goldfish?
Small white pimples on the fish*
What to do if there is a long bag on the fish:
What medicine is used for fish white hair/
White lump on koi fish tail.


Help ID peacock bass

freshwater predator fishFS Chili red aro

Arowana lower Jaw dicostliest fishslocat

My old Garowana fish foodreen arowana

FS: boesemani stingray pup (male)purple




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