One day into the cylinder



One day into the cylinder

One day into the cylinder Snow dragon
Into the cylinder day, to help the novice how to look at what the state of the fish need to pay attention not turn on the lights [woshou] [woshou] Beijing Chaoyang District, Beijing
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Hawkins Luzhou aquarists said: convalesce like
shijiang456 aquarists say: in good shape!Let the fish adapt to the environment, fish first keep a good water, good quality fish Ye Hao Yang!Do not make enough to feed seven full, eating too much is not good for the fish!Do not listen to other peoples Scrapped!
This is the master gNG1bLBP
Invincible cold war aquarists say: you will not keep raising the red dragon, 666
Diao Chan Fangtianhuaji fish lovers say: how much money to buy ah
Qq wandering fish lovers say: okay water quality worse
Can the fish be recovered by being bitten?@
Flat fish pictures and names,
Juba sand fish and ingot phoenix)
Can the dragon fish tail be cut off^
How long can the ingot phoenix live*


Horn frog aka pacman frog

King redmalaysia famous company

My RTG from Kenta odescriptive text abou

Beginner ray keeping





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