Tiger-striped Silver Edge Fish A thousand lights



Tiger-striped Silver Edge Fish A thousand lights

Round cylinder with traffic lights

  ======== Xiangyou Aquatic Alliance Yuyou said =====

  wjlove5921 says: more than 1000

  SenZMdF said: beautiful!Filtered in the middle?

  No rain in spring said: Yes, but after a while, after getting used to it, it is not a group tour

  Maxima 2669 said: beautiful

  Love for a long time Zhao Li said: Beautiful Hao
Colorful angelfish with prominent eyes)
Lohan fish with prominent eyes^
Map fish eye highlight,
One side of the fish has all eyes protruding:
What medicine is used to highlight fish eyes
What"s wrong with fish eyes protruding/
Tropical fish with prominent eyes%


Finally start with ray and aro comm

Arowana lower Jaw dicostliest fishslocat

Clown loaches Plecos

Cycle incomplete?

Pencil fry




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