Feeding the right way gold head



Feeding the right way gold head

Feeding the right way gold head Snow dragonSome people say that the head of gold are grilled?Here we need to distinguish between what is grilled?What is the correct lights?Fish called color temperature reaches a certain value called baked, above all longitudinal aquarium lamp, 24-hour irradiation of light, it can be called baked.We normally nothing more than add water dome lights, color temperature and lumen many times much lower than roasted.Because the origin of arowana close north of the equator, in the light of day time more than 16 hours, and any of our lights are imitating the suns ultraviolet rays, so that no light is not needed Arowana.Needs and roasted, are two concepts!Xianghe County, Hebei Langfang City
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707 882 582 aquarists said: beautiful
888 Metade Fumaca aquarists say: beautiful
Long Chao summit fish lovers say: need and roasted, are two concepts
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