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  Tommy0010011 Fish friends said: Water Yellow is the reason for Xin Shenmu?
Brian810814 fish friends said: It is really chaotic, there is a parrot
Purely happy, said: This water is true yellow.
Dragon is not a small fish friend said: In addition to water yellow, there is no problem.
Dragon is not a small fish friend said: Consider plus some protein cotton in the filtration.The effect of going to the yellow water is better.
CNGJIVW fish friends say: Just is very long
Fish Jun Tongle fish friends say: big mix, as long as you are harmonious
Rabbit, eight brothers ~~~ fish friends say: How much is this fish?
ZP850621 fish friends say: Water is yellow.
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Colorful Angelfish Close Knife Polyculture Video:
How to see the appearance of black cloud fish"
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Fs 400 gallon glass tank

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