I am Xiao Bai for identification



I am Xiao Bai for identification

Gods, I am Xiaobai, how is the quality of this fish?Help me identify.Thank you.Luolong District, Luoyang City, Henan Province
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Sun Zhiyue Comment: Good
Shang Pin Da Mo Wang Comment: Is a good fish
Whale is not a fish Comment: good fish beautiful hair color
Benevolent Lion R4r0 Comment: Good quality, can red this fish
Flying Dragon 001 Comment: Not bad What price
Man cat comment: fish is still ok in the currency, it is ok
Pilot Jewelry Software Comments: This flawless requires you at least 5800
Nicholas_Kun Ge Comment: Just like what you like, everyones values are different
Nicholas_Kun Ge Comment: Very good
Self-cultivation and dragon-cultivator Comment: Every day one-fifth of the water is changed to promote metabolism, and it quickly recovers.The fish that just entered the tank should be trapped in water.The fish will perform later.
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How does the red dragon fish develop color fast.
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Red dragon fish gill cover how to calculate hair color~
How old does the red dragon fish start to develop color?
Graphic illustration of hair coloring process of red arowana"
Red Arowana Hair Color Record(
How to make red dragon fish color quickly)



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