Today I feed the tiger fish loach with a bit of a big throat



Today I feed the tiger fish loach with a bit of a big throat

Keep open your mouth
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Ying Asahi-xin Comment: Its alright, rest assured
dongkelvin Comment: This method works, I tried it, I swallowed a yellow flag pomfret at a time, and immediately vomited after fishing out
Feitian g Comment: Observe that there is no problem if you can close your mouth.If he couldnt close, he took the fish net and spit it out.
Chen Doudou Comment: It is better to cut it short so that it can be digested well
zhj2711 Comment: Its okay
Summer of floral dress Comments: Next time, you should pay attention to making the bait smaller, so as not to hurt the fish
Yuzhongqu Comment: This is not easy to say, you can only pay attention to observe.
Daohe A Comment: Its okay to adjust the fish yourself
Chinas good Eight Commandments Comment: Its okay, you cant spit it out with a net fishing
Ping 001002005 Comments: Nothing at all.
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