Asian Arowana Ask for help to open the tank for half a month the tank is yellow



asian arowana Ask for help to open the tank for half a month the tank is yellow

The 45×30×30 tank was opened for almost half a month. I used water from the water purifier to see them grow up. Now most of the grass is yellow, and the leaves are still melting.I found a problem is that the water grass mud, the tank wall, and the river sand are all yellow. I dont know what it is. There are nitrifying bacteria added in the tank for about a week, and the capsules are poured directly into the tank.Long 36W×2 lamp, self-made carbon dioxide, now most of the temperature is around 29
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Shen_dian Comment: Reply @小景深深: Really, I made a fan now, I took photos in the evening, I found spirulina in the morning, and I went back at noon, maybe it was eaten by zebra or snail
Xiaojing Shenshen Comments: It seems that even if the temperature is high,
Xiao Jingshen commented: I went to the aquarium market today and saw a tank similar to that of the landlord. When I asked the boss, I was too lazy to take care of it
God Forbidden Zone S Comment: Come to learn
God Forbidden Zone S Comment: Appreciated
Shen_dian Comment: Reply @艾小玉儿: Really, then I have to take down one of the tubes. I was still afraid of insufficient light, so I bought another fan to blow the air
Ai Xiaoyuer Comment: The temperature is too high, the light is too strong, the algae explosion is serious, so the water plants do not grow well
Shen_dian Comment: Reply to @克拉大魔王: I havent changed the water yet. My friend said its better to get the sun. I dont have time to get it.
Shen_dian Comment: Reply @克拉大魔王: Yes, the temperature is relatively high during the day, I have some zebras and two snails to eat algae, I have bought a few small fans, I am going to open to see the temperature drop
克拉大魔王 评论:我也遇到楼主这样的问题,


大神们说是要减光照时间 我现在从每天的7个小时减到了3个小时 褐藻看来是控制下来了,就是草的状态不怎么好, I dont look like you are still on CO2. Im a negative grass, so I didnt. The temperature of 29 degrees is really high for aquatic plants. Its no wonder that the aquatic plants dont grow well.勤换水 减光照,

Snow dragon

Asian Arowana 等待秋天来拯救它,我的草缸现在也是29-30度的高温,


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