Taking Xiashan Aquatic Products Wholesale Market as an example Zhanjiang hopes to see more regional



Taking Xiashan Aquatic Products Wholesale Market as an example Zhanjiang hopes to see more regional wholesale markets

However, Rome was not built in a day."The market cannot be built up with money, it is cultivated. It must keep up with relevant industrial chains, finance, and services to show regional radiance."The economist hopes that under the influence of the aquatic wholesale market, relevant departments will pay attention to the construction of wholesale markets in other industries in Zhanjiang. Based on the market conditions, some special industry markets will be planned, and the development of powerful consortiums will be introduced to make Zhanjiang traditional characteristic industries more powerfulThe magnetic field effect of the large regional wholesale markets has gone higher and further.

  Among them, Zhanjiangs traditional industries are really not small. Agricultural planting, animal husbandry, home appliances, down, and footwear are all well-received by the outside world. But why havent large regional wholesale markets been formed so far?

  Zhanjiang chicken, red orange, carambola, longan, and litchi are well-known abroad, but there is still no large-scale wholesale market so far, and they have been living a "small fight".

  The 4th Asia-Pacific Wholesale Market Conference will be held in Zhanjiang to show the world the “three centers” of Xiashan Aquatic Products Wholesale Market, one of the countrys largest regional wholesale markets (Baoman Frozen Products Center, Live Fresh and Dry Products Trading Center), Ocean Fishing Products Trading Center).However, the people of Zhanjiang are regretful about this.Zhanjiang has obvious regional and resource advantages, and it is a bridgehead to enter the "ASEAN" market. Not only the aquatic industry, but also unique advantages in agriculture, animal husbandry, household appliances, down, footwear and other industries, but only the aquatic industry has emerged regionalLarge wholesale market.

  Today, the Xiashan aquatic product wholesale market has a capacity of 100,000 tons of cold storage, bonded warehouses, logistics distribution vehicles, and processing plants with an annual production capacity of more than 700,000 tons. There are 113 own processing plants, 260 processing plants that are aligned with the market, and can park 5,000 marine vessels.The fishing vessels port and 3km long wharf are used for loading and unloading of fishing goods. The hardware of the Xiashan Aquatic Products Wholesale Market is one of the few in the world, and is now equipped with bank financing and financial services.

  Wuchuan down jacket shops have appeared in the form of specialty stores in recent years, but they have also forgotten the "wood is more forest", and have always lacked a strong platform driven by radiation.

  Wuchuan shoe industry is exported to Southeast Asia, inside and outside the province, and it has neglected to build a large "shoe city" at its doorstep in order to improve the grade and influence of the shoe industry.

  Speaking of Guangzhous clothing wholesale market, everyone will think of the regional large-scale wholesale markets such as Tianma, Baima, and Heima in the Guangzhou Railway Business Logistics Circle, and also remember the Humen clothing wholesale market; many people know the small commodity wholesale market.Zhejiang Yiwu.And Zhanjiang?The only thing that impressed the outside world is probably the aquatic products wholesale market.

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  After years of development, Zhanjiangs clothing, footwear and furniture wholesale markets in the South Railway Station, as well as the steel, furniture and aquatic products wholesale markets in Haitian have formed large-scale large-scale market clusters. Xiashan and Xuwen also have certainLarge-scale fruit wholesale market and Beiyun vegetable market.However, compared with the aquatic product market, most of them do local business, and they do not yet have a large radiation power and industrial chain.

  Lianjiang holds the crown of "Chinas hometown of rice cookers". The home appliance industry reached more than 6 billion last year. Potou is also an important home appliance production, but it has not radiated a strong role in the home appliance wholesale market.Industry sources pointed out that at present, Zhanjiang home appliances only have production, lack innovation and core technology, and do not have their own wholesale market. It is difficult to have a say in the market.It is somewhat comforting that entrepreneurs in the household appliance industry in Zhanjiang have seen this, and have embarked on a joint venture to build a regional large-scale household appliance market that radiates the Great Southwest and ASEAN in Potou.

  People of insight appealed that the radiance of Zhanjiang aquatic products on the stage of this grand event ignited the enthusiasm of other industries to develop regional large-scale wholesale markets, and drove the traditional industries of Zhanjiang to the world like the aquatic industry.

  After 15 years of hard work, Xiashan Aquatic Products Wholesale Market will become the worlds largest raw material shrimp trading center, shrimp product refrigeration center, processing and finishing center, from tangible market to intangible market, from logistics platform to investment and financing platform.The shrimp industry investment and financing center has created a new model for the development of Chinas agricultural and marine products, and created extremely eye-catching economic and social benefits.If the wholesale market was not used as a fulcrum, could it have the achievements it has today?
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