Chili Red Arowana Miscellaneous



chili red arowana Miscellaneous

Chili Red Arowana Miscellaneous Snow dragon

   Is the density a bit high========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  13659531010 Yuyou said: just right
Does the arowana eat a lot?"
50 cm gold arowana will take a few years to grow$
How long does it take for the golden arowana to reach 50 cm$
How appropriate is the pH of the fish tank^
How long can arowana grow in a year)
How much salt to put in the fish tank&
How old is an arowana?.
What is the average lifespan of Arowana%
How wide and wide arowana can grow,


Just came back from Bukit Merah Malaysia

hey what about oscars

Leopard tortoismodern fish tanks for sal

Africian Goliath

Spotted Giraffe Catfish (video clip) ...




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