Harvest shrimp eggs



Harvest shrimp eggs

Harvest shrimp eggs Snow dragon

  Shrimp eggs arrive, feed snowflakes Flying in the sky========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==

  Auspicious Rabbit Yuyou said: beautiful
Guangjin Supermarket Yuyou said: Fun
Lulu QtAi8 When I feed, the filter is turned off, otherwise it will be sucked away by the filter, the fish cannot eat it, and the filter is also very dirty.
Xiyun fish friends:
Xcdcxq fish friend: great work
Yitian fish friend: wait for experts with you. Personally, 15 thick ones should be OK. The bottom should be double-layer. Hehe: don"t blame it
Xcdcxq fish friend: give me the tiger and I"ll keep it for you
Xyzlg fish friend: the fish is good, but it"s too vague
Wordless bag fish friend: wrap it with filter cotton
Xicheng Xiaoqi fish friend: today is the first day



Medication to put arowana to slp awhile

pair pearls and Bd male

arowanas seem like snipping air

Well, well do you think he deserve it ??




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    How long can arowana not eat%