Leopard tattoo Help me see if Ronaldinho has a chance to start?



Leopard tattoo Help me see if Ronaldinho has a chance to start?

Is there any hope for my Ronaldinho 3 to 4CM?
======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
8606421 Comment: Looks good!
Mo Waiting Comment: This is Kirin, there is no hope, it will not be pitted again?
@sze@ Comment: Kirin
LDianG Highlights Comments: No hope, practice
tzml563 Comments: This kind of Kirin Luo has grown so much that there is no hope of starting.
Enjoy happiness Comments: Directly no
Tianya 555 Comment: Enough choking, my mother fish has already started so much
Little Sheep Dragon Stingray Cylinder Comment: Smaller, cant see
Jun 207 Comments: This fish clock hopes not much o
Playing Luohan riding a donkey Comment: Kirin Luohan
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How much is Jinlongyu rice 20 pounds/
Is the golden dragon fish fragrant rice delicious?,
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Arowana ecological fragrant rice 5 kg price"
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NAN light bulbs

NKS Aquarium Aro Plecs Oddballs Update

Help to ID this catfisarowana eggs saleh

A little peek at my shrimplets! :D

WTBLF - Weeksii lapradei




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