The bloody dragon Several aspects that we need to pay attention to in the Galaxin transaction



The bloody dragon Several aspects that we need to pay attention to in the Galaxin transaction

We need to pay attention to several aspects of Galaxin trading!How can we trade our Galaxin safely and securely?After you have looked at a few steps, then you can also become a so-called expert!Focus on it!
First of all, when you buy Galassin, unpacking and checking the vital signs of fish, this is generally a very necessary step!In the event of fish death or tail self-cutting, you must take a picture as soon as possible and inform the seller that you must not unpack it privately.The seller does not bear any responsibility for not operating according to this regulation.(Then you can admit that you are out of luck!)
Secondly, after there is no problem in the first step of the Galaxin transaction, after checking, if you have no problems, you can take the following steps (remember):
(A) You need to soak the entire package of Galaxin fish in the fish tank to make the water temperature in the bag consistent with the water temperature in the fish tank before proceeding to the next operation.
(B) After you open the bag, pass the water every 5-10 minutes, and then pass the water 3-4 times in a row, then you can release the galacin out of the packaging bag and enter the tank;The water is injected into the packaging bag, and the water injection volume is about 1/3 or 1/4 of the water volume in the bag, so that the galaxin is gradually adapted to the water environment in the fish tank.)
(C) When your Gallasin enters the tank, you must first observe whether the fish have such problems (such as standing scales, broken fins, sinking heads, tail drop, etc.)!If problems are found, the notification will be exchanged.If you find that you have not contacted the seller in the first place, the seller regards your default transaction as successful, and the seller will not be responsible for any problems arising afterwards (or bear the responsibility yourself!).
Finally, I would like to remind everyone: Galaxin trading is a living body, which is more complicated, and all aspects must be checked in place!Therefore, the fish friends who have just started must learn some basic common knowledge in the relevant forums, and after accumulating certain breeding knowledge, please adjust the water quality in the breeding tank to Gallasin.In order to cherish the life of Yuer, these links can not be ignored, do not rush to shoot!Galaxin trading is not a joke!!
I wish everyone a good mood in fish farming!
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