Minority-specific artworks (pictures) and introduction



Minority-specific artworks (pictures) and introduction

The Yaos have various architectural styles, and the most distinctive one is the wooden building.The wooden building is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with the front being low and the back being high.The wooden building is generally divided into three floors: the first floor under the hanging building is used to house livestock; the second floor is occupied by people; the third floor stores food and goods.The wooden building was built without a nail, but it was very strong.The room has plenty of sunshine and air circulation, which is very comfortable.

  The Yao people eat rice, sweet potatoes, and taro as the staple food, and like to drink sweet wine.Where there is a guest at the door, the host first salutes a glass of liqueur.There is also a kind of sweet wine that Yao women drink when confinement. It is different from ordinary sweet wine. It needs to add ginger slices, brown sugar and eggs when cooking, which is a very good tonic.Confinement women who drink this kind of sweet wine can receive the effects of strengthening blood and restoring health.

  The tops and bottoms of the Yao men and women are colorful, with flowers, birds, fish, insects, geometric patterns, and character figures. The collars have two kinds of round necks and vertical necks. They are cardigan, buckleless, and belted.Skirts, embroidered skirts, etc.Leggings are indispensable in Yao mens clothing, it is both legging and beautiful.

  Yao costumes are often embroidered with five-color silk threads, which is known as "Yao good five-color clothes".Yao womens headdresses are the most particular, with a "dragon plate" shape, which puts more than ten meters of embroidered towels on their heads; there is an "A" shape, which is made of embroidered towels, narrow and wide, and then tiedVarious colors of velvet thread and colored beads are added; there are also called "half-moon buds", which put three "half-moon" silver medals on the top of the head. various headdresses are too numerous to list.
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