Great white shark Just fed fish



Great white shark Just fed fish

Just fed the fish, the heating rod fell, I took it with my hand, and the four dragons swam all over, I thought I was interacting with me, mother, silver dragon rushed up, bit me, day?Would you like some medicine?bleedingGreat white shark Just fed fish Snow dragon ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The1sheetGreat white shark Just fed fish Snow dragon ASIAN AROWANA,AROWANA,STINGRAY The2sheet

  Happy fish sunshine Say: Hahahaha
Yuyou Yinchuan Novice Say: Why clap fish, clap your hands!Hahahahahaha
Yuyou anson2014 Say: The state is good.All hungry
Yuyou u139YPK0245 Say: 1 Did you wash your hands too dark?They all add up. "Hey, today the four dragons are divided into five loach. I will eat one more!"
Yuyou Jingshou meets love Say: You should ask the doctor if you need an injection
Yuyou brilliant sun Say: It seems that its time to change the food. You can feed the heart of the beef
Yuyous passion and destiny Say: Haha, I havent eaten meat for too long
Yuyou aquarium is toss Say: 1 Alcohol disinfection, its okay to observe after 3 days
Yuyou k6k7k8 Say: Nothing!! Nothing!!
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