Me and my fish



Me and my fish

When I was young, I liked to catch fish in the river. When I grew up and went to work, I started to like fish farming again.My work often touches glass. Later, when I got scrapped glass, I started to stick fish tanks and buy cheap goldfish. What are dragon crystals, lion heads, koi, and what to buy cheaply.The glass of 5 cents stuck a 30/50/40 fish tank, and there was no lacing. Later, it broke when the water was changed. The arm got a few cuts and stitches.Later, with 12 people, I glued another 100/40/50, put it on the coffee table in the living room to raise fish, or lion head and koi, of course, it is also cheap, a couple of dollarsSpecies.Because it was in a bungalow, it was very cold in winter, and it was inconvenient to change water, and slowly lost interest in fish farming.In 13 years, I moved into the building and finished the decoration. After seeing the fish tanks bought by others at home, my mind was alive again. After consulting with my wife, my wife agreed.So I bought a 100/40/70 finished cylinder, bought a silver dragon and 11 parrots, and a lucky cat.It has been keeping for almost 3 years and it has been very smooth. The fish are getting bigger and bigger, so the parrots give away a few, which is too full.The silver dragon is also about 55 cm, the parrot is about 25 cm, and the beckoning cat is about 40 cm. It is too full.Later, when I saw the golden arowana in Longding, I immediately fell in love!Go home and do your wifes ideological work.Slowly, my wife agreed to buy it, and I started looking for a friend to see who wanted the fish. The fish that had been raised for three years couldnt bear to deal with it, so I gave it away.Since I didnt have the experience of raising dragons, I bought a small high-back with hands training. It has been more than four months now. During the period, I took care of it carefully.The plastic covers on both sides of the aquarium protect the water and the plastic is opened and cannot be fixed. I made the stainless steel tube myself, but the rust is not used for a long time (there is salt in the water, which corrodes quickly).I made PVC pipes again. I heard the fishermen say that getting a night light can prevent the eyes from falling, and adding a night light.In short, this is my first golden dragon. Although the fish tank is a little smaller and the fish is not of good quality, I will still take care of it carefully and treat it like a friend.I hope it can perform better under my care. Although I am also a novice, I still have a lot of expectations.
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
:べ.Zhen Comment: Yes, support you, change the big cylinder one year later
Wanru Life Comment: Looks a little crowded
:べ.Zhen Comment: Yes, support you, change the big cylinder one year later
Clear the dust with the wind Comments: See the fit emperor again
Yujun Tongle Comment: This is the rhythm of replacing the big tank
13940766177 Comment: Beautiful
eugeeuge Comment: Yes, support you, change the big cylinder in one year
eugeeuge Comment: Yes, support you, change the big cylinder in one year
zhang_zhe521 Comment: Like the landlord!!
Longer Obedient Comment: It looks a little crowded
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