I want to dig a small fish pond in the yard



I want to dig a small fish pond in the yard

I want to dig a fish pond in the yard, underground.The water pump is 9000 flow rate of Chuangning 60-watt frequency conversion water pump. Please check if the layout is reasonable, the pipe size is reasonable, and the surface row pipe is partitioned into the sedimentation tank on the side?Or lay the pipe at the bottom?If I add a saucer to the bottom of the pot, do I need to add a mesh screen to the pipe opening?Will it catch fish.Can the tube of the H tube protrude from the water surface be replaced with a 4-point pipe, and a diameter change is added.Tubes lined up in the sedimentation tank.Including the diversion hose, do I need to add the elbow up or down?Because the water level in the sewer is high, a submersible pump is needed to drain the sewage from the unplugging warehouse. Are the pipes in the unplugging warehouse all in cement?Still need cement, how high?Extubation often, will there be water seepage.Are the extubated tubes the same as ordinary PVC tubes?Unplugging is estimated to be simple, will it be difficult to plug in.Will the bottom row of pipes 110 cause insufficient suction in the main tank.In addition, regarding the construction process, the bottom of the pool is flattened, and then mixed with sand to lay the bottom, then the pipe is laid, and then the reinforced concrete is poured.how thick.Is 10 cm ok?This pool is not big. Is it made of bricks or cement on all sides, or is it made of bricks?If its waterproof, Im going to apply cement a few more times, then go online and buy black waterproof paint and apply it again.Because the filter partition is going to be erected with bricks, but my extubation warehouse is water-free. Will the pressure of the water cause the brush warehouse and extubation warehouse to be unstable.There are also two 75-turn pipes, whether it is reasonable.The bottom ruled out that the main pool is 110, and the rest are all 75.
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Dry Mountain qq Comment: Study and learn, I wish beautiful Chi Jinjin.
唯ai锦鲤 评论:水泵的确小了 底排110够了 翻水管我认为得要4跟75 都是上进下出 个人认为弯头预埋下面,这样反水管高低有可调空间(不粘牢) 水大概6吨 大头泵可以选25W的
The icing on the cake, the carp is coming and going Comments: The water pump is too small, the whole pipe pump
mofestwei comment: may wish to look at the pipe pump
Bad Words 003 Comments: Two meals of water.I use 5800 traffic, but I am trickle
The fish pond is getting smaller. Comment: My 12,000 tons of water cant handle it.
Bad Words 003 Comments: The row is too big, the pump is small
Novice into the pit Comments: The pump feels too small, about 22000 is better
Tiger Fish Tiger Brother Comment: Other I dont know, the pump flow is definitely not enough.Help me comment on a post and like it.Thank you.

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