Help novice



Help novice

1.Is it possible to raise dragons in 5*70*75 cylinders?
=======The following are Yuyou comments=======
:べ.Zhen Comment: Okay, no problem
 Plum blossom fragrance since bitter cold Comment: In one stepno need
:べ.Zhen Comments: Yes, it can be raised.Width and length are enough.
Aman qq comment: Very good, no need to change.
Let everything 004 Comment: How big do you think it is
u_758 Comment: Yes!This tank can do anything!All-you-can-eat size!
Mop qq comment: no need, its already domineering
kurapika3 Comment: No problem, you can raise it, but you need to control the density
Talking Dumb Comment: No problem with no polyculture
Qingfeng Fei 001 Comment: No problem raising a dragon
The best blood parrot feed is/
The best parrot fish feed brand)
Which parrot fish feed is good:
Need for parrot fish feed$
The best feed brand for parrot fish


Nirox carbon ammoniom ..

VATF Video from Smithsonian Channel

Pure Blood RTG

150 gal. All Glasasian arowana canadas A

FS: 260g tankstand with 2 FX5s and 4 Ren




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