Interpretation of SAIC Volkswagen Huon Technology



Interpretation of SAIC Volkswagen Huon Technology

It should be said that the above-mentioned highlights have created a very good sense of high-end of Huion. In terms of platform and powertrain collocation, it has surpassed competitors and is aligned with higher-level models.

  The air suspension is generally equipped on D-class cars, like the well-known Audi A8, Mercedes-Benz S-class, BMW 7 Series, etc.It can adjust the softness and height of the shock absorber through the air pressure in the shock absorber according to the different road conditions, thereby adjusting the height of the chassis to adapt to Chinas complex road conditions.This is the first time it is equipped on a domestic Volkswagen model, which can be said to have created a precedent for Volkswagen in China.

  In addition to designing the headlights with more layers and creating a sporty tail, combined with the design of some ridges on the rear bumper, the designers original intention was to reduce the negative pressure area of the tail, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the wind resistance of the tail.At the same time, when driving at high speed, the noise of the tail can also be controlled to a certain extent.

  At the bottom of the vehicle, the designer added a large number of bottom guards for Huiang, including: engine bottom guards, front axle bottom guards, central channel spoiler, middle guards, fuel tank guards on both sides, and rear axle bottomsThe guards, and at the same time, these aerodynamics are optimized to ensure that the bottom airflow can flow through at a high speed and smoothly without generating excess lift.

  It was mentioned at the beginning that the appearance of Huion is based on the design of the Volkswagen C Coupe GTE model. Basically, the design elements of the concept car are inherited, and the first impression is very atmospheric and calm.In the shape part, the designer interpreted some details for us that we would not normally pay attention to. Lets take a look at the highlights.

  Because of the vertical engine layout, so whether it is 2.0T is still 3.For the 0T model, the famous DQ380 7-speed wet dual clutch on the domestic Volkswagen must be discarded. Although it is also very good and is used in the latest Volkswagen mid-level car, it can only be compared with the horizontal engine.match.Replaced by the DL501 (match 3.0T) and DL382 (match 2.0T), the maximum torque that these two gearboxes can withstand is 550Nm and 380Nm respectively. Although the name sounds a bit unfamiliar, its application in Audi flag models is already very common.

  Editors comment: Go back and take a look at the subtitle of this article "Let Dreams Become into Reality".I think this sentence contains the following three meanings: 1. SAIC Volkswagen successfully put into production the latest generation of flagship models of Volkswagen, and it is a medium and large car that has never been produced before, which is a big challenge for itself., Fulfilling the dream of SAIC Volkswagen for mass production of higher-level models for many years; 2. I originally thought that the C Coupe GTE concept car was still only in the concept demonstration stage, and it may have to wait 4-5 years to see the realThe production version, but I really did not expect that the shape of this concept car can appear on the production car so quickly. This speed exceeds our previous understanding of the concept car, and it is still produced in the Chinese factory, which shows usOf the joint venture plant already has the ability to produce the latest global models.3. Many of our fathers spent their golden years (30-50 years old) in Santana (including San 2000/3000). When Santana is scrapped, they will open another Passat.In their minds, Shanghai Volkswagen (now "SAIC Volkswagen") has an unclear meaning, which is more representative of the nostalgia for the past and the testimony of the hard work of yourself.Prior to this, only the highest model of the domestic Volkswagen Passat can choose.However, they have sufficient economic strength and need a higher-level model to prove their success and responsibility to the family.Now, they have a better choice, this car is Huion

  SAIC Volkswagen has been working in the Chinese market for more than 30 years, and the Passat alone has gained a very large share and a very good reputation in the mid-level car market.However, Passat does not fully satisfy some consumers pursuit of quality and luxury.Of course, SAIC Volkswagen is not satisfied with this. It urgently needs a flagship model that is positioned higher than the Passat and can be compared with other mainstream luxury medium and large cars.Therefore, Phideon was born at the historic moment. Judging from the English name of the model, Phideon is very similar to the Phaeton that was discontinued at the beginning of the year. For the time being, we can be considered as a tribute to the legendary Phaeton.But in fact, compared to Phaeton, Phion is much more advanced.Below, we will explain from various dimensions which "black technology" this Huon uses in the design and manufacturing process. Some of these technologies and configurations are the first time SAIC Volkswagen is applied to mass-produced vehicles.

  The "black technology" mentioned above is the first time it is applied in SAIC Volkswagens factories. The high technological content is sufficient to prove SAIC Volkswagens attitude towards Huiang.In addition to these, engineers have spared no effort to create a quiet and comfortable riding environment for the crew of Huion.其中,肉眼看的见的配置有:声学夹层玻璃、电动吸合门;而在肉眼看不见的发动机舱/后备厢/地板/仪表等多处,


Snow dragon

使用了 4mm阻尼垫和泡沫填充发泡材料,


This process is also the first time it has been used on SAIC Volkswagen models and represents SAIC Volkswagens highest level of acoustic processing.

  In the sample car shown, we saw the position where the front windshield is connected to the A-pillar on both sides, using a unique water-retaining strip, which can guide the airflow directly to the roof, and avoid rainwater flowing to the side window on rainy days.Ensure that the sight lines of the outside mirrors on both sides are not affected.

  With the increasing popularity of in-cylinder direct injection technology, the vehicles low-speed power and fuel combustion efficiency have been greatly improved, but taking into account the low-speed and high-speed operating conditions in the category of only direct injection in the cylinder has been a problem.The biggest advancement of the third generation EA888 engine is the use of dual injection systems with in-cylinder direct injection and manifold injection. Direct injection and traditional manifold injection work simultaneously, fully complementing the advantages and disadvantages of the two injection modes of FSI and MPI.The engine can be further improved in fuel economy, power and emissions.At the same time, the high-pressure injection system also uses a higher direct injection pressure, from the previous 150Bar to 200Bar.

  At last years Shanghai Auto Show, Volkswagen launched the worlds first impressive concept car, the C Coupe GTE, which is quite dignified in appearance and atmospheric, and the interior is also highly technological.However, I really did not expect such an advanced concept car to be able to come to us so quickly and be localized in China.This car is the latest flagship model of SAIC Volkswagen: Huion.Based on the Volkswagen C Coupe GTE concept car, the Huon basically retains the design elements of the concept car, with a length of more than 5 meters and a wheelbase of more than 3 meters, and uses the MLB platform of the Volkswagen Group for medium and large cars.And is equipped with two sets of supercharged powertrain, which are the third-generation EA888 we are familiar with 2.0TSI engine and EA837 using mechanical supercharging 3.0T V6 engine, while the latter is being used by Audi A6L 3.0T models and Audi A8 3.Used by 0T.

  From the well-known PQ35 and PQ46 to the MQB currently used in Volkswagen compact/intermediate cars, they are all modular platforms.The platform modularization can bring: 1. Reduce the cost and cycle of new car research and development; 2. Bring extremely high expandability and versatility, make the model design more flexible; 3. At the same time improve the commonality of parts between different models;4. Lightweight design brings better control response and fuel economy.

  This is a star engine, which is used in many models of Audi and Volkswagen brands.In the camp below 0L displacement (inclusive), it has excellent power performance and technical equipment.One of the more dazzling is that it uses a manifold MPI + in-cylinder direct injection FSI dual injection fuel supply system, which is very advanced in technology.Lets take a look at whether it has an advantage when compared with other competitors.

  Volkswagen models have always been known for their solid and durable reputation.Of course, before the official launch, Hui Ang will also pass various test tests to ensure the quality of the vehicle.We learned from the factory engineers that Huions body was jointly developed by Germany and China to ensure excellent vehicle quality.The bench test and road test are basically carried out in China, in order to adapt to the complicated domestic road conditions.

  Huion used the first mid- to large-sized sedan using the MLB platform under the Volkswagen brand, which has been used in many Audi models.MLB is the abbreviation of German Modularer L ngs baukasten, translated as "Longitudinal Engine Standardization Platform".Because this platform completes the research and development work under the leadership of Audi, it has distinctive Audi characteristics.Adhering to the longitudinal layout of the engine is the most remarkable feature, and it can also match Audis Quattro full-time four-wheel drive system.Simply looking at the difference between horizontal and vertical, the models with vertical engine obviously can bring better axial load distribution ratio, which can provide excellent handling stability and smoothness.But the longitudinal engine needs a larger (mainly vertical demand) engine compartment, so the front part of the car will generally look longer, and the appearance of the vehicle will be very atmospheric; at the same time, it takes up less space in the engine compartment and can be reservedThere is ample space for more sophisticated front suspension systems.

  As a medium and large car, the quality of the Huiang 380TSI model reached 1.The 8-ton, 480 V6 four-wheel drive model has even exceeded 2 tons, reaching 2025kg, while the curb weight of the Audi A8L 50 TFSI four-wheel drive model is only 2055kg.Without a strong and sturdy body frame, it is impossible to withstand such a large kerb quality.

  In the design process of multiple modules of the engine, the design of the cylinder head is no less difficult than that of the cylinder block, because there are complex timing, intake and exhaust, and ignition systems.The third-generation EA888 integrates the exhaust manifold into the cylinder head for the first time, making the engine structure more compact and neat.The water cooling system in the cylinder head can quickly reduce the temperature of the exhaust gas in the exhaust manifold. When this part of exhaust gas enters the turbocharger, the temperature has been greatly reduced.The density of the intake air is further improved, which greatly improves the efficiency of the exhaust turbine and the intake air volume. The inflation coefficient will inevitably increase, especially under high load conditions.The core of the turbocharged engine is exhaust gas reuse, improving the intake air volume and fuel combustion efficiency. By adding an integrated cylinder head exhaust manifold to the traditional turbine, fuel economy and power can be significantly improved.

  Except this 3.0T engine, and a third-generation EA888 2.0TSI turbocharged engine is available. Dont think this engine with a small displacement is not good enough. It is also equipped with Volkswagens latest dual injection fuel supply system and integrates the exhaust manifold on the cylinder head., Reduces the intake temperature and pressure of the turbocharger, reduces the load, improves the life of the turbine, and thus improves the overall life of the engine.

  For the power system adopted by Huion, I believe that everyone should be most concerned about this 3.0T supercharged V6 engine.Indeed, it works with Audi A6 3.The 0T model uses the same engine, code-named EA837, and matches the seven-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox code-named DL501.However, Huion is different from Audi in tuning. The maximum torque is also 440Nm, and the maximum power is lowered to 220kW.

  Among them, the high-pressure car washing and vehicle washing experiments are specifically made for the Chinese market, because there are too many irregularities in the Chinese automotive aftermarket industry. Improper car washing will cause the paint surface to become more and more dull.In this regard, Huion has also been sufficiently "tested" to ensure that the paint surface is not damaged as much as possible.

  It can be seen that the supercharged camp represented by Huiang & Audi A6L has obtained obvious advantages. In addition to the advantages in parameters, the supercharged engine can obtain a better dynamic response and smoother than the turbocharged engine.Degree, generally only used in high-end or performance models.
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