I dont know whats sick there are dead fish every day



I dont know whats sick there are dead fish every day

I dont know whats sick there are dead fish every day Snow dragonMy moldy stomach has been bathed for two times but it hasnt improved
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
Fang Yuyu said: add drip box
Tianjin Erzi 1978 Yuyou said: Find ways to improve filtration and improve water quality.
Xiaobai came to raise fish, Yuyou said: it must be poisoned.
Cocktail fish farming, Yuyu said: Water mold
Jingjingcao Yuyou said: Still the problem of water
The unpleasant devil Yuyou said: Dont always think about medicine, it is the water quality problem, the more the medicine is used, the worse the water quality
_狼魂_ Yuyou said: Most of the water quality of this upper filter tank is not good. Besides, your density is also overloaded for this type of tank. Check the water quality!Look at ammonia nitrogen and nitrous acid
Lohan fish parrot fish what to eat%
How much fish tank filter material is suitable(
The order of placing the filter material in the upper filter fish tank&
The correct picture of the filter material at the bottom of the fish tank^
Picture of the order in which fish tank filters are placed)
Silver dragon and parrot fish polyculture feng shui taboo%
How to feed arowana and parrot fish.
Parrotfish grabs the food of silver arowana,
How often does the fish tank filter change*
Arowana eat parrot feed$


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