Just dont eat frozen food



Just dont eat frozen food

Just dont eat frozen food Snow dragon
Looks like she is thin, Puning City, Jieyang City, Guangdong Province
========How did the fish friends of the Xianglong Aquatic Alliance comment==
ansonchen123 Yuyou said: Is the white ball rolling on the left?What is the role?
Soaring Ly Yuyou said: The small loach is frozen for three or four days and then thawed to try
Her father Yuyu said: "Dont the dragon eat swallows?"
m.youjizz Yuyou said: Yes
Fish hunter Yuyou said: very strong
Longer, Yuyu said: hypocritical, dont eat hungry,
blazers17 Yuyou said: lose weight by the way
Grassroot hero Yu Yu said: This figure is very good
How to deal with prawns fed to arowana$
Is it better to feed shrimp or small fish?
How to deal with red dragon fish feeding shrimp%
Is it better to feed arowana or shrimp?~
How to feed arowana with live shrimp%
Arowana ate and vomited the next day&


Clap clap for AFT

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15 February 2012 - Sing Wild Blue (Juven

Anyone use S1 to quarantined feeders?

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