B over gold arowana I just raised it for a year



B over gold arowana I just raised it for a year

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======== Xianglong Aquatic Alliance Fish Friends Comment =====
Sui Yuan Jing Xin Comment: Good
zp850621 Comment: The quality is really good.
Amo Comment: Hair color continues to work hard
Nighthawk Comment: Beautiful
Longer Obedient Comment: It seems to be feeding well.
The life of chocolate Comment: The appearance is really good
Stranded Stone Comment: Reply @JiuFaTrade: Black Baotan has all seen it for you, its a benefit.
zhout77 comment:
JiuFaTrade Comment: This big black tiger is awesome.
Longer Obedient Comment: Hair color is fine.
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Arowana Mineral Salt

freshwater predator fishFS Chili red aro

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Hi all new here.

Hood LED lights turn off and on by itsel




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