Albino Koala What are the advantages of zebrafish as a model animal of developmental biology



Albino Koala What are the advantages of zebrafish as a model animal of developmental biology

Zebrafish belongs to the genus Carpsidae, native to South Asia, and is a common tropical fish.The zebrafish is slender, with an adult length of 3-4cm, and does not require high water quality.It reaches sexual maturity about 3 months after hatching, and mature fish can lay eggs every few days.The egg is fertilized in vitro and developed in vitro. The embryo development is synchronized and fast, and the embryo body is transparent, which is easy to observe the development process. Zebrafish can be propagated on a large scale due to its small size and low breeding costs.After more than 30 years of research, application and system development, there are about 20 zebrafish strains. The zebrafish gene database has relevant information for query and download, which facilitates research.Zebrafish cell labeling technology, tissue transplantation technology, mutation technology, haploid breeding technology, transgenic technology, gene activity suppression technology, etc. have matured, and there are thousands of zebrafish embryo mutants, is to study the molecular mechanism of embryonic developmentSome excellent resources can also be used as human disease models.Zebrafish has become one of the most valued vertebrate developmental biology models, and its use in other disciplines also shows great potential. The Developmental Biology Laboratory of the Tsinghua Biology Department is doing zebrafish, you can ask the specific situation
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