Indonesian Tiger(4) What is your take and review on Aquarama 2013 (All Fishes and Categories)



Indonesian Tiger(4) What is your take and review on Aquarama 2013 (All Fishes and Categories)

Share your view
Any comments on Aquarama 2013 result.
Some may feel disappointed with the standard of judging and result was a shocking news to many hobbyists
Some may agree to the standard of judging and fish deserved the winning title
Share the opinion for area of improvement and how to ensure transparency in judging criteria.
My personal feel that something went wrong this time round
Competition is always cruel, bound to have objections and unhappiness but nevertheless is a good exposure for hobbyists.
I still prefer Aquarama to be host at Expo, big carpark and easy accessible for public.
I still like the previous bird arena competition judging standard, all points to be clearly listed out for individual contestants, segregate in different rounds and total points to determine the GC, first, second and third placing.
All points of different rounds to be listed for public view and not keep inside the judge pocket or clip holder
More transparency will make everybody happy
Dont know much about the compettition.
But the standard of Aquarma this year seems to have
dropped. There are hardly anypromotional items and freebies.
It seem that the econmony has hit the business quite hard.
Thats my take
>Price there is to scare people off and not encouraging people to take up fish keeping
>More for trade and not really for hobbyist.
>Truly agree that this time round is quite disappointed, the turn up is not up to the expectation.
Traders lose revenue and hobbyists lose interest as well.
>so far I never go b4
>Wasnt too impressed with it 2 years ago.
>went once before and never bother to go again, no good buy, rather save entry fee and eat my chicken rice...
>waste my time and waste my $8 carpark fees at this expensive place. Entrance fees i am ok, Came and left in less than 30 mins.
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    Arowana tail has white spots%

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    Do you put salt in the water of the parrot fish?~