Colorful butterfly fish tank price problem



Colorful butterfly fish tank price problem

1.8?The semi-super white of 75, we need 11300 yuan, I do nt know if it is the normal price, but the bare cylinder, the lamp holder costs 2360 yuan. Knowing that, let me ask you by the way. If there is a color butterfly agent, please contact me.Next, you can send logistics.Thank you

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  li15716888827 Say: Too expensive
Fish Friends Love Fish Heart Say: expensive
Fish Friends Apple 001 Say: Where are you, Tainema is expensive
Yuyou ︶qq Say:
Qinghai Golmud Apple 001
Where are you, Tainema is expensive
Fish Friends Vincent Xiaoxin Say: Expensive!
Yuyu Huiyu Ganlin Say: An agent of Caidie in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, with a bare cylinder of 9.5 meters and 9.6 meters.And a cow Bs coquettish look, cant afford it, Im afraid I wont buy it in case of trouble after the sale.
Yuyou 13833212297 Say: I have a solid wood fish tank that is cheap
Yuyou zp850621 Say: 18654698018
Yuyou Yinchuan Novice Say: Ask at the Butterfly Forum
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