How long can the little peacock be fed?



How long can the little peacock be fed?

Samurai Comment: Generally two or three days

  Sri Lankan Red Clay Comments: Agree with the view upstairs

  How long can the little peacock be fed?

  A MM comment: Tin Hau said.Feed some shelled shrimp eggs

  z color Comment: Save the next day to feed

  Heating up the sex ghost Comment: You can feed it a week after birth, it doesnt matter, just feed a small amount

  Big White Rabbit Toffee Comment: The small fish is too small to absorb the nutrients in the water for three days, and it will start feeding after three days, feeding step by step

  Lao Pan Comments: If the conditions are right, you can feed the hatched brine shrimp.

  ========Comments of Xianglong aquarium joining Yuyou =====

  Fish Lion Comment: Can be fed after birth
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