It sent tanks shelves are trapped in water



It sent tanks shelves are trapped in water

It sent tanks shelves are trapped in water <a href=Indonesian Tiger" title="It sent tanks shelves are trapped in water Indonesian Tiger" src=" just received aerator, or salt water aquarium. The right is 15 liters bucket sleepy, have been filled with water two days in advance, and today aerator arrived, they placed inside burst oxygen, chlorine in the water so the fish would not have played hurt. After the plan is to change the water, changing the water once for each week, starting with the tank pumped 15 liters of water, then stuck a bucket of 15 liters injected into the fish tank. [Sleepy sleepy buckets of water three days to four days, not too long, long it is easy to breed bacteria] Luohu District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province
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Chang Feng v1M3I fish lovers say: This is too small can only count oxygen blowing bubbles, storm water bucket is too small, not enough water pinch
Male rabbit brother Hao Ge
Rabbit brother Hao Ge I raised you and I like the fish tank stand on the perfect combinationon
Red Arowana must be bent.
Arowana must bend,
What should I do if the dragon fish is bent"/>What to do if the red dragon fish"s beard is broken(
Why did the arowana suddenly become shaved?&



how to consider if aro has DE?

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