Arowana swallowing fries

Sharing our Arowana video swallowing their fries。 Hope you like it。
Thanks for viewing
Thanks for sharing,。Boss。
>Boss Ah Leng,Arowana swallowing friesSuper Red Arowana thanks for sharing this video。
Txs for the video
>Thanks for sharing
>speechless moments haha so cool haha juz to protect its fries
>What a caring father。。。
Thks for sharing boss。
>This for sharing v interesting。。。
>thanks for sharing。。
a real eye opener。。 father so caring。。
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    Arowana swallowing fries
    2020-04-18 07:53:17 Contents
    Likemagic fish friends say diablo the dragon fish
    Arowana swallowing fries
    2020-02-06 10:12:36 Contents
    Arowana my favorite 1 fish friend said yes old three, my family's fish is like this, a few days will be good. ,

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