Rosewood (solid wood) Aquarium What price is the 20cm gold red-eye queen sail?



Rosewood (solid wood) Aquarium What price is the 20cm gold red-eye queen sail?

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What price is the 20cm gold red-eye queen sail?

  Fish and feng shui have nothing to do with it.The type of fish is not related to Feng Shui.Those fish farming are only related to water and feng shui.Coastal countries and regions are prosperous and prosperous. It is simply irrelevant what kind of fish there is in the sea and how many fish there are only because of the water.

  Title 2 How to breed ornamental fish

  1.Body shape discrimination method: Generally speaking, in the same sinus fish, the male fish body is relatively large, and the female fish body is relatively small and round.Therefore, some friends who like to buy small fish often find that most of the fish are male after they are raised. This is because when choosing fish, most of them will choose to buy them with relatively large size and robustness.Did not consciously buy the male fish. ◎ Success rate: 60% 2.Forehead discrimination method: Male fishs forehead is more protruding, on the contrary, female fishs forehead is smoother.However, some tall fish species have very flat foreheads, so it is not suitable to separate males and females by this method. ◎ Success rate: 30% 3.Color discrimination method: Wild species are more obvious in this respect. The color of male fish is darker than that of female fish, and the female fish are more vivid. ◎ Success rate: 60% 4.Resolution of dorsal fin tip: Male fish have a sharper dorsal fin end, and female fish have a rounder end; male fish dorsal fin will have more points. ◎ Success rate: 50%

  Heading 3 Can Queen Dafan feed spinach?

  As long as you are willing to eat, you can

  Heading 4 Can Queen Dafan soak potassium permanganate?

  No, try not to use

  Title 5 Seeking ornamental fish big sail queen breeding technology

  This is not self-explanatory More questions and answers Inquire I entered a batch of Empress Miao, and often died, and my friend was the same batch of his undead Follow up The main problem is water quality. Oxygen temperature Water quality Inquire Should pay attention to those aspects, Follow up It should be noted that water quality, temperature, oxygen, nothing else, you can understand the water, no fish will die.

  Title 6 Can the queen big sail and koi be raised together, can the queen live well?Do not need to feed,

  One is tropical fish and the other is cold water fish. Tropical fish is not cold. Cold water fish is not hot for a long time.

  .Scavengers are prone to starvation
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