Guppy just given birth to a baby all such



Guppy just given birth to a baby all such

Guppy just given birth to a baby all such Indonesian Tiger
It should be malnutrition, premature birth or reason like frightened of it,.A symbiosis of about 50, all is not live yet? Every are with meatballs, not swim, every normal Putian City Licheng
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Lucky rabbit fish lovers say: Chan
The next thing leather fish lovers say: female fish should be too young to throw away a lot of those eggs did not develop good long active in the fish eggs or have left the rest of the prototype is not up
Ailog aquarists say: long enough
C large blue and white butterfly fish lovers say: there should be no problem a few, lying below, such as take-off on it
Waterfront (night) aquarists said: stunted growth, premature
Sliema aquarists say: he trash it, too soon, and hypoplasia.
Jun-seok E7jDU fish lovers say: the observation of a few days, two days should be able to
S00100200011 aquarists say: hey
Ajun13 fish friends: 1. If you want to raise arowana well, you must first raise water. If the water quality is good, the fish will not get sick naturally.
Apxi fish friend: awesome
Alexto fish friend: listen in the Dragon tank: it"s not easy to use activated carbon, especially for the Golden Dragon system
Aa324 fish friend: what
Apxi fish friend: it seems good
A large cylinder uses expensive glue, resulting in attachments
Ajun13 fish friends: you don"t need to turn on the lights for 24 hours. You should return to nature. You can turn on the lights for 8 to 1 hour a day.


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