Young man badly injured in slashing attack at Orchard Cineleisure



Young man badly injured in slashing attack at Orchard Cineleisure

A National Serviceman in his 20s was badly injured in a slashing attack at Orchard Cineleisure on Saturday night.
Police said they received a call at about 9:12pm requesting for assistance. Upon arrival, a man was found injured and was conveyed semi-conscious to Singapore General Hospital.
A 22-year-old off-duty nurse who only wanted to known as Douglas was with two other friends Jervena and Valentina at Old Town White Coffee in Cineleisure. At about 9:10pm, the trio -- all full-time nurses -- noticed a commotion at about 9pm just outside the nearby 7-Eleven convenience store.
"I saw a lot of security running over, and my Valentina and I ran forward (to the scene, where) we realised we needed to help (him)," Douglas told Yahoo! Singapore.
The man "propped up against a pillar outside the main entrance, semi-conscious". He was responding to questions but there was a lag in verbal response and he couldnt keep his eyes open.
"He was bleeding profusely, there were a lot of slashes. From the wounds he sustained we could see that the weapon could be quite big and sharp, because the slashes were deep," he said.
His immediate thought was to stop the heavy bleeding.
Their instinctive nurse training kicked into gear and they checked the mans identity and found out he is a full-time national serviceman and was Chinese in his early 20s. They described as described as "obese" and between 165-168cm in height. He was wearing black jeans and a T-shirt.
"We had to make sure he could move his arms, and try to keep him awake at the same time," said Douglas.
"There were five of us helping (him). Both his arms were slashed, and there were head injuries. I was tending to one arm, two others to the other and someone else was tending to his head."
"There were pools of blood everywhere. He was still bleeding profusely when we administered first aid," he said,
Paramedics then arrived about 9:30pm to take over.
"If the paramedics came any later he might have passed out," added Douglas. From his friends judgement the man had lost between 500-800 mls of blood by the time the paramedics arrived.
"I was holding on to one bleeding hand and passing them things and trying to look for something appropriate to pass them things. cuz the first aid kit was not sufficient. a few gauze, two bandages, given the extent of the wound and injuries it wasnt enough. its nice of them to use tissue rolls from the cleaning cart and the cloth but theyre not sterile."
Another witness, a pushcart keeper manning her stall near the entrance of Orchard Cineleisure said she noticed a commotion just outside the mall around 9pm. She saw a crowd of people around a man who was bleeding profusely.
Eyewitness also spoke of a separate incident earlier in the evening at the nearby Scape, where a man bleeding and wielding a knife was surrounded by a group of other people. He eventually walked off bleeding, but warned a shopkeeper who witnessed the incident not to call the police. Its not immediately clear if both incidents are related.
Police investigations are ongoing.
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