I was bitten by other fish just after giving birth I hope it can



I was bitten by other fish just after giving birth I hope it can

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========Comments of Xianglong Aquarium joining Yuyou =====
Yujun Tongle Comment: This is the case for the squid
326894 赵 Comment: Miscellaneous sea bream mouth is extremely owed
Ahhhhh Comment: Oxygen in the jar.
Chongqing Lao Yang Comment: I released it after two days of detention.It is too weak.
Yanan small sculpture Comments: Huo chant
Big Tail 002 Comment: What can I do
Supreme treasure 9527 Comment: It seems that confinement after confinement should be rested!
Others can be assigned to feed
Oz3 fish friend: I have, too. Many people: it"s normal. I think it"s the problem of glass glue
Postpone^_^ Continued fish friends: good, good
One month long, 1cm, building Z is good Can I help you understand that it"s 1cm long, because it"s rare to grow 1cm in a month~
Oz3 fish friends: this post was finally edited by oz3 on 21-8-23 1:21


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    Do stingrays eat bread worms?"