Straight-grained Flying anchovy After screening out of four



Straight-grained Flying anchovy After screening out of four

4 election should I choose a good piece?Take a look at everyones views are consistent.
Straight-grained Flying anchovy After screening out of four Indonesian TigerAnning City, Yunnan Province, Kunming
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
13470365601 aquarists say: have to choose, to choose third from left, right.Not cut surface of the intermediate.Male fish have the chance to cut the surface should be high.If the fish is the mother, the late cultivation can recover body is a good choice.Showa head white to red are not to be.Ugly, but also ornamental blackheads is not high
code21 aquarists said: Intermediate
Kam ink _ left little fish lovers say: the middle of a
Allen flying fish lovers say: middle
Shinra day syndrome, said his grandfather aquarists: the middle of this
Nu Xing Yue flying fish lovers say: the leftmost piece look good, but size does not seem to three other good
13470365601 aquarists said: Which is not selected, are not very nice.
1986 dawn fishing aquarists say
Huazhou Orange
Diagram of Arowana Level Classification*
Red Dragon breed classification pictures)
The effect and function of Huazhou orange#
Orange Red Arowana illustration:
Orange Red Gardenia Tea@
Orange loquat slices!


vatf or gatf

Arowana eye got white white thing?

l龙鱼吐白的肉膜 可能是胃膜 等待高手 看看怎么治疗好


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