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so anyone care to share his point of view?
wats the cause, how to prevent, any serious lead to death?
will the scars leave a perm mark?
The disease were said to be a cause from poor water quality with secondary bacterial/viral infections。 You can help to improve the rate of survival by keeping the tank water clean with regular fresh water changes or using biological filters。
Ive a question though, can active carbon in filter caused HITH?
>This is a topic that is very much discussed, but however, there are really no conclusive evidence to cover all angles of why fishes develop HITH。
HITH is a cliche that is used to describe a condition where little ";holes"; appear in the head area of a fish and it can afflict any fish。 In actual fact, HITH is not confined to the head。 It is observed that fish with little ";holes"; in the head area also develop holes that are on the lateral line horizontally from the head to the tail。 Hence, HITH is also known as ";lateral line erosion";。
Some feel, based on their study (Untergasser) that it is due to nutritional problems, particularly a lack of Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorous。 The most bandied about cause is ";flagellates"; (Hexamita/Spironucleus)。
My own personal feel is that a combination of stress, poor nutrition could trigger HITH easily。
To avoid HITH in arowanas, I would suggest a weekly water changing regime, feeding of varied foods (SW, froggies, MP, etc)。
I dont see using AC as a problem or cause of HITH, but having said that, AC depletes the tank of minerals and it is therefore very important to ensure that the fishes under ones care receives all the minerals and vitamins through food。 the second is to take care that stress is minimized。
>Flagellates have often been blamed for HITH, and the cure is the use of ";metronidazole"; which would wipe out the flagellates completely。 I recommend the use of Metronidazole as I personally believe that many HITH cases arise from the presence of flagellates in the fish。 Under stressful conditions, the protozoa multiplies and overwhelms the fish。
To recap, if one has fishes with HITH, use metro in the food (or dose into the tank),Red Arowana correct any dietary imbalance by varying the food sources, have regular weekly water changes, and ensure that the tankmates are not causing too much stress on the fish。
>Sharing this interesting post in the other forum bout hole in the head cure。
>hi all,
today i just saw the same thing happen to my xb。
how to i cure it?
can i use waterlife Octozin?
please help。。 very urgent =(
>went c328 was intro by the uncle to use jbl spirohexol
>dunno whether anyone will believe or agree with my method, its up to own individuals to try and cure the HITH illness。
1。 if there is charcoal or carbon material in filter, remove it, btw, charcoal or carbon MUST be change for every once in a while, also charcoal will neutralise the medicine which is use to treat the fish。
2。 last time i will use FURAN 3 from Ocean free to cure this problem, firstly must lower water level till below half tank, off filter, just air stone, put salt,on heater 29-30degree and dose the water with Furan 3, by 2-3 day, change 20-30% water and repeat process。 on dosage of Furan 3, pls read the box behind for instruction, as it depends on yr tank size。
non serious case will take around few days or 1 week to cure, serious case will take up to mths。 ( furan 3 now dunno still got sell or not )。
1) another method, dunno whether who will try n do this。。。。 Transmore the aro, catch the aro and try to push out the pus, then use water rinse the head area, use fine salt to rub the hole area, then use jap yellow powder and apply into the holes。
2) reduce water level till below half tank, close filtration, use air stone only,how to set up a business in malaysia put salt n heater at 30degree, remainding jap yellow powder can dose into the water, 3 days later, repeat the whole process again。
above mention method is base on what i learn, whether to believe or to use it, its up to individuals, personally i had try it, aro was recover, either method also can。
but if your aro die from such treatment, DO NOT BLAME ME。。。i can only advise。。
thank you
>Originally Posted by gtohow so anyone care to share his point of view?
wats the cause, how to prevent, any serious lead to death?
will the scars leave a perm mark? Good evening bro, may I know what is the current situation of your aro。 Any improvements after implementing the recommendation given by all the bros above? Hope to learn something from you too!discussion - so wat is hole on aro head? pls advise。how to set up a business in malaysia

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