Butterfly carp WTB:Monster Fishes



Butterfly carp WTB:Monster Fishes

Hi all bros, need the following for a new project:
Silver Arowana 70-80cm x 5
Red Arowana 70-80cm x 5
Brachyplatystoma juruense 30 to 40 cm x 3
PAngasius sanitwongsei/ Pangasius Pangasius 100-110cm x 5
Redtail Catfish 40-50cm x 5
Tiger shovelnose/Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum 40-50cm x 5
Tiger shovelnose/Pseudoplatystoma tigrium 40-50cm x 5
Clown knife fish 30-40cm x 10
Cichla Temensis 30-40cm x 10
Spotted Gar 30-40cm x 30
Black Pacu 30-40cm x 20
Catlocarpio siamensis /Giant Carp 30-40cm x 5
Tank Goby Clossogobius giuris 15-20cm x 30
Elephant ear Gourami Osphronemus exodon 50-60cm x 15
Giant Gourami /Osphronemus goramy 50-60cm x 15
Kindly contact me at 97710501 should you have the above
Just good fish friend: reply to oz3"s post
Jyg65 fish friend: it"s usually OK, but don"t feed too big loach, about 5-6cm,
Laikasama fish friend: man, you can"t raise arowana in this tank. The lowest is 12 long and 5 wide
Jyg65 fish friend: don"t make big moves near the tank. It"s good to be familiar with the environment for a while
Keep the environment relatively stable. Once the arowana enters the tank, you must restrain your desire to change. The stability of the environment is very beneficial to stabilize the arowana"s mood and promote the arowana"s appetite


niong tau foo at tpy lor 1 - outside bra

Hi all new here.

Aeration and Ammonia removal....

Im telling the wife its RTG_Gerrys fault

Pig Nose Turtles




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