Na so hard

Na so hard Indonesian Tiger
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qxtlY11T aquarists said: Pente that bubbles are not hurt plants
Sashimi fish have my friends said: oxygen
Anand Small Fish lovers Fish lovers say: the waters great,
Mood diving fish lovers say: beautiful
Taro home aquarists black dog says: nice raised
How to deal with spawning of ingot fish.
Individual sale of ingot pigeons,
How to treat fish head down:
Breeding method of anchovies~
Can red ingot fish reproduce$
Will the ingot fish produce small fish?"
How to raise ingot parrot fish!
Ingot fish can reproduce%
Ingot fish spawning eggs$
Ingot unicorn parrot fish@


Tank to FGT!!!types of tiger fish

Albino Sliver


Competition grade ranchu

Filtration for shallow water




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    Can red dragon fish use horse-printed lights*

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    Arowana is better fed once every few days#