Has Nanjing cancelled the purchase restriction?



Has Nanjing cancelled the purchase restriction?

1. Non-resident households in the city who have obtained a masters degree and above, senior professional titles (including deputy senior and senior senior), and senior technician professional qualifications are under the age of 40. If they provide a labor contract with a unit in Nanjing, they will buy a house.No need to provide personal income tax certificate or social insurance (urban social insurance) certificate;

  On May 13, the General Office of the Nanjing Municipal government announced the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Regulation of the Real Estate Market", promulgating ten measures to stabilize the property market, including the fact that new home purchases cannot be transferred within three years after obtaining a real estate certificate.The new policy will be implemented from May 14, 2017.

  3. If the real estate is acquired due to judicial judgment or judicial mediation, the purchase restriction policy will not be implemented; if the real estate is acquired due to judicial auction, the house purchase restriction policy will be implemented, and the buyer must be qualified to purchase the house;

  4. If you purchase a house again due to expropriation and take monetized resettlement, you will not implement the housing purchase restriction policy when you buy a house or a house of the expropriated house or less;
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