Changing the water question



Changing the water question

I have a few questions, wish to answer the great God, Please,. One: the tube into the fish bowl, then add the water, the piece quickly, be back, and that more or less water added, the tank there a problem? Two: I quadruplets installed in the balcony, but the tank 31 degrees outside, how regulatory issues, I do not like winter temperature is too low, the balcony into the water tank, the temperature is too junior: I was home aquarium butterfly fish tank, changing the water when, or want to change the water filter box bottom. Not particularly understand, please the big God.
Changing the water question Indonesian TigerGuangdong Zhuhai District
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Zhang Xian Er aquarists said: I think the question is more important than the temperature difference between the water quality of the North Anyway, I have no water purifier directly change the water heater thermostat no problem with water has been stable every one of four once a week
Alang -GG aquarists say: You can change the water a few times in the winter, if you want to trade on the exchange with a multi-point water heater bar!Remember cold weather heating rods
Do not worry aquarists say: If the water quality is good enough to be directly added, you have no problem quadruplets more.
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