Overback Arowana Koi big belly protruding anal



Overback Arowana Koi big belly protruding anal

Overback Arowana Koi big belly protruding anal Indonesian Tiger
Today, suddenly we found the fishs anus bumps, seeking aquarists help me find this fish is not sick.
======== Xianglong aquarium hobbyists how alliances comment =====
Friends Xingfu butterfly carp, said: pay attention to whether anal swelling, the stool will be white if they drag
Third-raw fish lovers say: female fish male ass is out, as long as the normal state can be a
Happy Dragon carp lovers say: as long as no swelling anus is not enteritis.Perhaps bad feed, the flatulence.I bought had about fake Italian brand of feed, water does not soak B complex used to feed people, it will flatulence, defecation Shihai fish fart
yc008862 aquarists said: mainly because of inflammation
Dawn weixin0003 aquarists say: eat more than it
Hc0z9O7v aquarists say: temperature difference trouble, must be less feeding during temperature changes.Personal understanding is not severe intestinal illness, physical cleaning filter cartridge, see how the fish tank is not how much water shortage (isothermal, before and after the day without feeding) for End water with salt (by thousandths of it) stopped two days to three days of food.Do not heat, add salt is to allow adaptation to natural weather.This rugged Koi
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