Purple-backed Arowana How to find an arowana wholesaler



Purple-backed Arowana How to find an arowana wholesaler

Arowana, Osteoglossidae (Osteoglossidae), is a species of ancient freshwater fish with mandibular whiskers, flat sides, and ribbed abdomen. It belongs to the order of Ostroglossidae and is widely distributed in tropical and tropical areas of South America, Australia, and Southeast Asiaarea.Because of its long body and beard, it resembles the dragon in Chinese mythology, so it is commonly known as arowana, and it is a very popular ornamental fish in Southeast Asia.;

  All can be inquired through the online platform; through the Arowana professional forum, extensive exchanges with arowana enthusiasts and arowana sellers; through the aquarium trading market in the first-tier cities, consultation and negotiation of the ornamental fish market.

  Wholesale and retail: Qianhu top fin purple, tank purple, spoon head purple, purple red dragon, flamboyant over the back, indigo over the back, Kalimantan pepper, Bukit Merah gold head over the back, over the backGolden Dragon, High-back Golden Dragon, Thai Tiger, etc.All fish are only selected by the owner in major fishing grounds in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, first-hand price, pure blood quality assurance, with certificate chip, can be checked online, regular channels,

  Another problem is that ~ you will only ask if you ask online. No one will tell you. After all, buying and selling this kind of stuff is confidential. It is impossible for everyone to know. So I hope you find it yourself.If you really want to do it, I hope you dont care too much about money. After all, this is how you do business. Many things are opened by money~



  The fish of the ichthyidae is a tropical narrow-temperature fish, living in the upper waters, and has high requirements for the water quality of the living environment.Has a strong offensive and domain awareness, should pay attention to avoid the same kind of polyculture in artificial breeding.Appropriate temperature: 24~29℃, if the fish only adapt well, it can even accept 22~31℃.However, the artificially raised arowana, like other aquarium fish, must avoid drastic changes in water temperature.Most bony fishes are carnivorous fishes. From juveniles to adults, they will prey on animal food, mainly small fish, shrimp, insects, but there are exceptions, such as: Nile arowana,Is an omnivorous filter feed.In artificial breeding, it is best to feed fresh animal feed in its natural environment as much as possible, to feed fresh small fish or shredded shrimp, and to intermittently assist feeding insect feed.The internal organs of animals are easy to hinder the digestive system and should not be fed.If you want to feed artificial compound feed, you should choose floating feed to prevent fish from falling eye.In addition, it should be noted that fish and humans need a variety of nutrients, can not be fed a bait, a nutritious menu should be developed to ensure its nutritional balance.The breeding method is oviparous. In the natural environment, the female fish is contained in the mouth by the male fish after laying eggs until the young fish hatch.Arowana is a well-known "longevity fish" in fish, generally live for about 30 years, the longest life can reach more than 40 years, juveniles can reach maturity around 2 to 3 years old, different types of arowana are differentColors.And as the age of the fish grows, the color of the scales on the body will become more shiny and thicker.It is a kind of tropical fish with high viewing value.

  Expand all. Are you going to specialize in arowana?Where are you from the south or the north?If it is in the south, it is recommended that you go to Guangzhou to find it. If it is in the north, it is recommended to find it locally. Because the difference in water quality between the south and the north is too large. If you dont understand it, you will lose a lot at the beginning.What is your plan to do?Those wholesalers in Guangzhou have a lot of shipments~ I dont know if you can accept it~

  He graduated from Harbin Engineering University with a doctorate degree in control theory and control engineering.He is currently a teacher in the School of Electrical Information Engineering of Northeast Petroleum University.
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