Can I use cedar for landscaping?



Can I use cedar for landscaping?

It is said that Chinese fir is very resistant to corrosion.Want to use cedar to create a forest landscape, has anyone ever used cedar to create a landscape?Do you need to peel?Boiled?Yellow water?How to deal with the problem?
Arowana do not eat anything
What should I do if I don"t eat anything for half a month!
Arowana skipped food these days:
What to do if arowana is sick and doesn"t eat"
What goldfish loves to eat*
What should I do if I haven"t eaten recently~
What grass carp eats)
What to eat for goldfish,
Arowana suddenly skipped food for several days?
Will Arowana starve to death if it doesn"t eat for a few days?@


Sharing my Kel from NKS Jan 2012

2nd International Discus Competition

AFTs Best Crossed Back Arowana Show-off

Happy Holidays 2011!!!

Does anyone here use Seachem Pond Prime?




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    How long does the newly purchased arowana eat(