Rohan third post treatment follow-up



Rohan third post treatment follow-up

Rohan third post treatment follow-up Indonesian Tiger
Lohan has been in the small cylinder medicine blister, white tablets, oxytetracycline, third kind, soak for about 10 days, but not good, more and more black, his head getting smaller and smaller, after a number of aquarists pointing, in addition to the previous approach outside, buy it or cure, thank you enlighten peoples patience.But thought, forget it, rather than alone have died in a small cylinder, or a large tank it back, then back to the vat has been chatter for three days.Today even chase hand, eat, but do not eat feed, eat shrimp broken, but still very dark, his head continued to shrink, but fortunately it is not always pull the white.Continue to follow up, free to grow it.No matter how the final, thank you aquarists Weapon.
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